Seed Connect Africa Conference and Exhibition 2023

Seed Connect Africa Conference and Exhibition 2023

Since its inception in 2018, Seed Connect Africa has continued to bring together stakeholders in the seed industry to deliberate on challenges facing the sector and identify pathways to navigate the threats. Various stakeholders in the seed sector converged for the 6th edition of Seed Connect Africa. The 2-day conference and exhibition took place on 28th and 29th November 2023 at the NAF conference center in Abuja, Nigeria. The event was organized by The National Seed Council in partnership with the Collaborative Seed Program team. The event focused on realizing the seed industry’s place in ensuring food security in Africa.

Key Takeaways from the 2023 Seed Connect Africa Conference and Exhibition

A noteworthy accomplishment in which the National Agricultural Seeds Council (NASC) worked together with the Collaborative Seed Programme (CSP) that resonates with pride and positive feedback from our partners is the successful organization of the Seed Connect Africa Conference & Exhibition. This event served as a pivotal platform for stakeholders to converge, exchange insights, and chart the course for the future of the Nigerian seed sector.

One of the esteemed partners and major sponsor of the 2023 Seed Connect Africa, Catholic Relief Services, expressed their enthusiasm, stating,

The Seed Connect Africa Conference was pivotal for collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the seed sector. It brought together diverse perspectives and set the stage for impactful initiatives.”

The conference provided a unique opportunity for participants to engage in discussions on critical issues facing the seed sector, ranging from regulatory challenges to technological advancements. Workshops and presentations facilitated by experts allowed for the dissemination of best practices and innovative approaches, empowering stakeholders with valuable insights.

Dr. Ishiak Othman Khalid, the Acting Director General of NASC highlighted the practical outcomes, stating,

“The Seed Connect Africa Conference has paved the way for enhanced coordination and alignment among different seed stakeholders. The discussions and collaborations initiated during the event will have lasting effects on the sector.”

Beyond knowledge exchange, the exhibition component of the event showcased cutting-edge technologies, improved varieties, and innovative practices. This hands-on experience was crucial in fostering a culture of innovation and adoption of best practices among attendees, ultimately contributing to the sector’s resilience and competitiveness.

The significance of the Seed Connect Africa Conference extends beyond its immediate impact; it has become a catalyst for ongoing collaborations and initiatives. Mr. Wouter Plomp, the Dutch Ambassador to Nigeria emphasized the broader implications, stating,

“The connections made during the conference have opened doors for international collaborations. It has paved the way for the introduction of high-quality improved varieties to the Nigerian market.”

The platform has continued to expand its horizon and break barriers in the Nigerian seed industry.

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