Sahel Food Systems Changemakers Conference

Since 2010, Sahel Consulting Agriculture & Nutrition Limited has been working to transform Africa’s agriculture and nutrition landscape by partnering with government agencies, private sector companies and leading international development organizations to conduct tailored and in-depth market research on key value chains, analyze and shape policies, develop strategies, launch innovative businesses and ecosystem solutions, and provide training programs that promote sustainable agricultural development across Africa.

The Sahel Food Systems Changemakers Conference aims to address the issues of the Nigerian food and agriculture sector by boosting innovative private sector-led solutions toward improving local economies and livelihoods in an environmentally sustainable manner. It will bring together government officials, development partners, agribusiness leaders and industry experts from various value chains to pool ideas for interventions, and strategies to create and support sustainable business models for accelerated growth.


  • Identify critical steps to curtailing the food crisis by taking lessons from Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine-Russia.
  • Highlight success factors for developing private sector-led initiatives to drive transformation in the Nigerian agribusiness landscape.
  • Highlight emerging solutions and innovative business models in the agri-food landscape to promote resilience in food systems.
  • Facilitate dialogue between stakeholders on the urgent need to position private sector-led strategies as a sustainable option for a resilient food system.
  • Develop a clear roadmap for multi-sector collaborations to curtail the food crisis in Nigeria