Sahel provides advisory services including market entry strategy, business plan development, strategic planning to private sector companies and development organizations.

Key assignments we have undertaken in this area include:

Sahel performed an in-depth analysis of the soybean value chains to inform the market entry strategy of a multinational seeds and agrochemicals company in Nigeria. Based on the outcome of the analysis, Sahel developed a tailored market entry strategy for the soybean sector to determine opportunities within the sector, focusing on drivers of demand, consumption patterns, and availability.

Project 1: Sahel worked with a leading international foundation to validate and stress test its current agricultural vision, objectives and strategy for Nigeria and to provide data-driven and in-depth analysis and insights to shape its future engagement to support ‘inclusive agricultural transformation’ in Nigeria.

Project 2: Sahel conducted an in-depth assessment of food systems in Nigeria to provide a framework for a leading international donor agency to prioritize selected value chains. Twenty value chains were analyzed during the first phase and were narrowed to five value chains in the second phase and has led to the implementation of key interventions in partnership with Sahel Capital.

Project 3: Sahel conducted a feasibility study focused on the potential for improving the immunization indicators for children in Northern Nigeria by providing incentives such as hybrid/improved cowpea seeds, PICs bags and Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato vines to women.

Project 1: Sahel performed a landscape analysis of the packaged nutritious food market in selected states in Nigeria for an international development program.  The analysis included information on the public policy environment and key manufacturers and brands within the market.

Project 2: Sahel conducted a mapping of on-going nutrition-focused actions undertaken by the private sector in Nigeria to inform the work of the Scaling-Up Nutrition Business Network (SBN) in Nigeria

Project 3: Sahel analyzed the constraints and opportunities for using market-based approaches to accelerate the widespread adoption and integration of nutrient-rich cassava into food products in Nigeria

Project 4: Sahel conducted a food mapping study in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger and Nigeria focused on five value chains – rice, maize, cassava, sorghum and millet, providing information on the formal and informal trade trends, food reserves, policies, food security and crisis responses. The team also developed high-level recommendations for initiatives that the client could introduce to ease trade barriers and enhance food security.

Sahel was engaged by a leading international research institute in agriculture to develop a business plan for a cassava seed company to produce and sell cassava breeder and foundation seeds in Nigeria. Sahel is also providing project implementation support for the first 2 years of the project.

Sahel identified potential investment opportunities for an international development program in select West African countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Niger, and Nigeria) based on an analysis of agricultural value chains for critical food crops – cassava, rice, maize, millet, and sorghum. The project focused on determining gaps and opportunities for improvement and performing an assessment of Agriculture Development Plans in the select countries.