Terms of Reference: Development of Seed Portal for Variety Release and Plant Variety protection

Terms of Reference: Development of Seed Portal for Variety Release and Plant Variety protection

Under Plant Variety Protection and Variety Release topics, the programme will develop an online portal catering to the institutions involved in Variety Release (National Centre for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology, NACGRAB) and Plant Variety Protection (National Agricultural Seeds Council, NASC). This document details the terms of reference for hiring a developer to code and build this portal per the algorithms formulated by the technical team of the CSP.

  1. To code and develop the portal for Variety release and plant variety protection within the given timeframe.
  2. Prepare training manual and offer training to officials for using the back-end of the portal
  3. Support (under Annual Maintenance Contract) any malfunction or problems in the portal after commissioning
The Portal Architecture

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  • Inception plan and a brief report
  • The portal and the source code
  • Annual maintenance contractHosting arrangements
  • Training manuals and training
  • End of project report
  • Deliver a Beta version (bugs fixed) by the end of October
The Developer’s Responsibilities and Qualification
  • Must have at least ten years of experience designing web-based applications with database linking algorithms.
  • Based in Nigeria
  • Experience in working in the agricultural sector is an outstanding addition
  • Must coordinate closely with the technical team while designing the application
  • A brief inception report which details how the project will be implemented
  • Source Code and development environment.
  • System User Manual
  • Facilitate User training for core users and technical support team (Roll-out training will be negotiated based on the level of effort needed)
  • End of project report
  • Must respond to this call with a letter of Intent, stating qualifications, experience, budget, past work examples other relevant information that will make the project team easier to understand the capabilities of the developer team.
Technical Team responsibilities
  • Provide an initial concept note of the assignment
  • Advise when necessary, on the deliverables/design according to the plan
  • Explicitly explain the requirements and do time-to-time testing

Please send your expression of interest to cagbara@sahelcp.com

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