Sahel Founders receive Alumni Achievement Award from Harvard Business School

For 50 years, Harvard Business School (HBS) has recognized several outstanding women and men by conferring on them its highest honor, the Alumni Achievement Award. This year, Sahel’s Co-Founders, Mezuo Nwuneli and Ndidi Nwuneli, were two out of the six distinguished graduates of HBS who received the 2021 Alumni Achievement Award from the University in recognition of their significant contribution to their companies and communities while upholding the highest standards and values. Other award recipients were Ray Dalio, H. Naylor Fitzhugh, Terry Virts, and Deborah Winshel.
HBS celebrated the award recipients in a virtual event which also served as an opportunity for recipients to share their insights and experience in conversations with the Dean, Professor Srikant Datar, and former Dean, Professor Nitin Nohria.

Part of the Citation read by the Dean!

Mezuo O. Nwuneli, MBA 2003
Lagos leader,
With diligence, determination, and devotion,
You bring finesse to finance
As you distribute food and fortitude
Throughout Africa.

When caught in the crossfire,
You took time to consider
How to ensure that your next steps
Led you down the right path.

With entrepreneurial know-how
And expert execution,
You serve up passion, compassion, faith, and solutions
To your community, country, and continent.

Mezuo, today we honor and celebrate the enormous impact you have had in Nigeria and across Africa.

Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli, MBA 1999
Spirited entrepreneur,
Social enterprise enthusiast,
You are a force for good,
Nurturing nutrition and advancing agriculture in Africa – and beyond.
Leading by example,
You embolden people everywhere
To set their sights higher,
And leap beyond their aspirations
To reach deeper, more meaningful levels of success.
Consummate Christian,
Your faith guides you and inspires others
As you spread your own brand of hope, healing, and humility
Throughout the world.
Ndidi, today we honor and celebrate your extraordinary leadership as an advocate for others.

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