Coscharis Farms is an integrated rice processor that commenced business operations in 2014. Based in Ayamelum, Anambra state, the company currently has 2,500ha of land for rice cultivation and is in the process of installing a 40,000 MT per year rice mill and an irrigation system on its farm to enable multi‐cycle rice cultivation.

Crest Agro was established in 2013 to harness opportunities in the cassava starch sub-sector. The Company’s vision is to become the leading producer of food grade cassava starch for industrial users in Nigeria and the broader West Africa sub‐region. The company is well-positioned to meet the raw material for its starch processing facility through a 13,000-hectare mechanised cassava farm and an already functional and growing out-grower network of smallholder farmers.

Dayntee commenced business operations in 2012 and produces a variety of poultry products including table eggs, day-old chicks and point-of-lay birds, which it supplies to customers across Nigeria. It has an integrated operation including its own breeder farm, hatchery, and layer operation. Over 90% of staff are employed from the neighboring community and over 35% are women. FAFIN’s investment was geared towards increasing Dayntee’s hatchery capacity and developing its broiler business.

DPAAL was incorporated in 1998 and shortly afterward commenced business trading in grains. In 2004, it began its oil palm operations with the development of a 200ha oil palm plantation. In June 2014, DPAAL commissioned a 60MT/day vegetable oil refinery and began refining palm olein and CPKO to produce vegetable oil for industrial and domestic use. DPAAL sells refined bulk palm kernel oil (RPKO) and refined palm olein primarily to customers in northern Nigeria, and sources palm kernel primarily from neighboring communities and states.

L&Z is an integrated dairy processor that produces fresh milk and a range of branded yogurt products, which it sells to supermarkets and convenience stores across Nigeria.  L&Z sources milk from its herd of hybrid Friesland dairy cows as well as from clusters of smallholder farmers around Kano. This off-take provides consistent market access for the smallholder dairy farmers and improves their livelihoods.