Focus Areas

Education Support Programmes

CSV prioritizes support to young scholars who are the future change agents of the nation and make up the next generation of agribusiness leaders. Our programme ranges from the provision of rotational funding opportunities to primary and secondary school students and yearly one-off scholarships and internship opportunities to undergraduates in Nigerian Universities. Every year since 2017, Sahel has awarded scholarships to at least two undergraduates from the faculty of agriculture in their final academic year in a Nigerian university. Read more

Community Empowerment

Sahel aims to foster the development of thriving communities through the implementation of humanitarian projects in Lagos state. In 2019, Sahel plans to execute three projects:

    • A Hospital support project to improve health care delivery in a selected health center in Lagos State.
    • A public-school support project to provide an improved learning environment for school children.
    • A Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) project to reduce illness and mortality rates of vulnerable groups in a coastline/slum community.

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