Sahel Consulting has launched Nourishing Africa, in partnership the Mastercard Foundation, to enable a million agrifood entrepreneurs to scale their businesses to at least $1 Million revenues, building a vibrant $1 Trillion ecosystem in Africa.
The Nourishing Africa Hub serves as a one-stop knowledge and membership hub for entrepreneurs in the agriculture and food landscapes, leveraging innovative channels to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses.
  • Membership Portal: Nourishing Africa has built a virtual community for entrepreneurs where they can connect directly with each other and gain access to opportunities including funding, data, learning resources, events, technology, talents, inputs and other resources and tools that they need to scale their businesses.
  • Knowledge and Capacity Building: Nourishing Africa facilitates strategic offline and virtual convenings and trainings for agrifood entrepreneurs across Africa, partnering with relevant organizations to deliver tailored content in the entrepreneurs’ areas of focus.
  • Support Programs: Nourishing Africa partners with development institutions to develop and implement support programs for agri-food businesses across Africa, focusing on helping these businesses to build successful models that ensures profitability, sustainability, social and economic impact in their communities.