NDDP Gender Study Report

Overview of the Gender Study

The overall goal of the study was to analyze gender relations among smallholder dairy households targeted by NDDP, with the view to design interventions for greater inclusion and empowerment of female members in dairy households. The study used a mixed approach, integrating a formal survey study tool, the Abbreviated Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (A-WEAI) with Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and Key Informant Interviews (KIIs). Using the A-WEAI tool, quantitative data was collected from 9 LGA’s, 33 communities, and 515 households in Oyo and Kano states.

In addition, 15 FGDs and 10 KIIs were conducted to gather information on roles in decision-making on agricultural production, access to and decision-making power over productive resources, control over the use of income, leadership in the community and time use.

The findings and recommendations from the study were presented at stakeholder meetings in Abuja, in Oyo State and in Kano State to raise awareness on gender and nutrition opportunities and challenges in the dairy sector, and to secure participants’ buy-in and support around proposed interventions. Attendees included representatives from the public, private and social sectors. Meetings were also conducted with respondents in both states at the community level to validate the report’s findings. The feedback provided by meetings’ participants was used to further refine the report.

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