Bashir Kukoyi

Position: Analyst, Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning
Categories: Project Team

Bashir’s expertise includes result-based monitoring and evaluation, development project management, and proposal design. Over the past five (5) years, he has been involved in developing and implementing monitoring and evaluation systems for projects that utilize grassroots CDD approaches to address issues of poverty, market, power, diversity, exclusion, participation, and gender. Major interventions he has worked on include; food & nutrition security, climate change adaptation, rural financing, and small-scale business development programs, among others.

At Sahel, Bashir’s work is focused on catalyzing a vibrant and integrated dairy sector in an inclusive way that improves the livelihoods, productivity, nutrition, and empowerment of smallholder women dairy farmers and the communities in which they live. He is passionate about working with others, particularly to propose and conduct studies that provide insights for formative, adaptive, and retrospective programming.

Other Organizations he had worked with in the past include; Oxfam International (European Union’s Pro-resilience Action project), the World Bank (Covid-19 Action Recovery & Economic Stimulus program) and Sky Capital and Financial Allied Int’l Ltd. Bashir graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta with first-class honours.

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