Fisayo Kayode Writes on Commercialized Animal Feed: Lessons from Advancing Local Dairy Development in Nigeria

It is globally recognized that feed contributes over seventy percent to the success of livestock production as it plays a critical role in the development and productivity of any livestock animal including dairy cows.

Over the past decades, the Nigeria dairy sector has remained underdeveloped due to the inefficient production systems which mainly limit smallholder dairy farmers’ access to all year-round quality and adequate feed for their dairy cows.

Furthermore, the availability of quality feed and pasture has drastically reduced over the years due to the effects of climate change and limited access to production resources leading to migration of pastoralists to areas with relative abundance of forage and places considered safe for the herds which in the process has led to incessant clashes and insecurity.

Given the high potential of the dairy sector to contribute to the national economy and food security, it is imperative to develop a commercial animal feed sub-sector and create demand from the smallholder dairy farmers who controls 90% of the 2.35 million dairy cows in Nigeria through strategic public-private partnerships and the creation of innovative solutions leveraging on lessons from existing initiatives.

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