Sahel celebrates its 10th anniversary. To mark this milestone Sahel hosted a virtual conference with leaders in the agriculture and food landscape to discuss how the African..Read More

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Change of Name

Sahel Capital Partners & Advisory Limited changed its name to Sahel Consulting Agriculture and Nutrition Limited (“Sahel Consulting”) to fully embrace its mandate as a consulting company,..Read More

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Sahel was selected to act as the fund manager for the Fund for Agricultural Finance in Nigeria (“FAFIN”). The fund sponsors of FAFIN include the Nigerian government..Read More

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Principal Investment

Sahel founders make a principal investment to establish AACE Food Processing and Distribution Limited (“AACE Foods”), an agro-processor that produces spices, seasonings, and nutritious packaged food products…Read More

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Sahel Capital Partners and Advisory Limited was established to provide advisory and consulting services to public, private and non-profit clients across West Africa. Sahel partnered with a..Read More

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