Call for Expression of Interest from the Collaborative Seed Programme. Nigeria-Netherlands

Collaborative seed programme reaches out to Nigerian seed companies with an ambition to promote improved varieties and quality seed for field crops. CSP offers an opportunity for seed companies to engage in CSP to motivate and to convince farmers that are using improved varieties and quality seeds brings direct benefit to the farmers in terms of increased productivity, lower costs, and less risk.

Companies are invited to join in a partnership with CSP for demonstrating new and improved varieties during two cropping seasons

  • In 5 locations in Kano and/or Kaduna during the cropping seasons 2022 and 2023
  • In each location 3 varieties demonstrated
  • A minimum of 5 improved varieties demonstrated (varieties recently registered)
  • Applying Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
  • Organizing 3 field events for farmers during the crop cycle on each location
  • Attracting a minimum of 100 farmers on one field event (300 per location per season)
  • Recording the activities (planning, execution, attendance) via mobile application
  • Delegating company staff to participate actively in agronomy training by CSP

Companies are free to work with the varieties of field crops of their own choice and to propose the locations and farmer communities. The expression of interest requires that the company presents a cost overview that provides insight how the company intends to manage the two consecutive cropping seasons with five demonstration locations. The CSP will assess the proposals and apply a selection. A maximum of 10 companies can be selected and will be offered a modest financial support, training, and advice.

  • Nigerian companies, seed companies, distributors, agri-input dealers
  • Companies that demonstrate and showcase field crop varieties for farmers
  • Companies active in Kano and Kaduna State
  • Companies need to be registered at NASC and preferably member of SEEDAN
  • Seed company that can deliver the minimum number of demo sites
  • Seed company that can deliver the required quality of the demonstrations
  • Seed company that are ambitious in attracting large numbers of farmers
  • Seed company that shows an innovative approach for promoting varieties for farmers (crops, new varieties, locations, method)
  • Seed company that will delegate staff for training regarding variety demonstration and GAP
  • Seed company that are willing to record and present administrative reports to the CSP
Call for Expression of Interest from the Collaborative Seed Partnership Nigeria – Netherlands
Please enter the state and local government
Crops and varieties targeted for variety demonstrations
Specify for each crop type / variety

Deadline for Submission: 31st January 2022

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