The goal of the BASICS-II project is to provide farmers with access to affordable, quality-assured seeds of the cassava varieties in demand by local food and processor markets through the establishment of a commercially viable seed value chain operating across breeder, foundation, and commercial seed levels. It also aims to enable a more efficient dissemination and adoption of new cassava varieties to improve productivity, raise incomes of cassava growers and seed entrepreneurs, enhance gender equity and contribute to inclusive agricultural transformation in Nigeria and Tanzania.

BASICS-II works with Early Generation Seed companies to multiply breeder and foundation seeds that will be passed on to cassava seed entrepreneurs to produce commercial seeds for dissemination to farmers. Through funding from the BASICS project, Sahel developed business plans for two Early Generation Seed companies, IITA GoSeed Cassava in Oyo State and Umudike Seeds in Abia State, and is supporting the implementation of the business plans. The project also works with cassava processors with out-grower schemes to multiply commercial seeds for farmers.

While the project is being implemented in collaboration with other organizations, Sahel Consulting is leading the development of the processor-associated seed system model of the project, with a goal to demonstrate that processors can produce planting material that features profit-maximizing processing characteristics for their farms and outgrowers in an economically sustainable and replicable manner. Sahel Consulting currently provides business advisory support to two processors, Psaltry International and Eagleson, both in Oyo State, Nigeria, and is currently evaluating several other integrated cassava processors for potential partnership on the project.

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