Advancing Local Dairy Development in Nigeria – Request for Proposal: Solar-powered Borehole Construction

Sahel would like to engage a contractor on the ongoing Advancing Local Dairy Development in Nigeria (ALDDN) program for the construction of a solar-powered borehole, which catalyzes a vibrant local dairy sector in an inclusive way that improves the livelihoods, productivity, nutrition, and empowerment of smallholder women dairy farmers and the communities in which they live. More specifically, the program:

  • Advocates for an enabling environment for local sourcing through engagements with the government and relevant private sector stakeholders.
  • Increases demand for locally sourced milk through partnerships with dairy processors currently or interested in sourcing locally.
  • Improves smallholder dairy farmers’ productivity by increasing their access to technical support services and the right inputs.
  • Empowers women dairy farmers and enable them to improve their livelihoods and that of their households.
  • Improves nutrition outcomes among smallholder dairy households through food systems entry points.

Download PDF for more details

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